• "Military Thought"
  • Date:07-01-2000(MTR-No.004)
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Counter-Terrorist Operation in the Northern Caucasus: Main Lessons and Conclusions


We go on with the publication of round table materials. Allow us to remind you the questions answered by the command personnel of the RF Armed Forces, and heads of other ministries and agencies:

1. What are the main lessons of the counter-terrorist operation?

2. What are the priority measures to be taken in order to improve the equipment and organizational structure of military units, as well as their command and control elements?

3. What should be revised already today in the organization of combat and operational training and that of all-out support for troops?

Army General A.M. KORNUKOV

Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force

1. The use of the Air Force in the course of annihilation of terrorist groups in Daghestan and Chechnya has demonstrated once again that the attainment of success in ground operations at various levels is unthinkable today without gaining and keeping air superiority.

In the course of the counter-terrorist operation, the aviation was assigned the following missions: air support of troops (forces) of the Joint Force; the sealing off of areas of combat operations from the air; destruction of strongpoints, bases, depots, personnel and equipment; the mining of stretches of roads and forward areas where bandit formations might head; air reconnaissance of designated areas; relaying of troop control commands; airlift of troops and cargoes.

The character of combat operations performed by the Air Force was under a strong impact from problems in the organization of command and control activities and teamwork within the JF, the make-up of and provision of the air combat force with materiel, as well as the level of training of the flying personnel.

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