• "Military Thought"
  • Date:11-01-2000(MTR-No.006)
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  • Page: 2-5.
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Talking to the Reader

Author: Col. P.I. ILYIN, editor in chief

Dear Reader, today we would like to sum up briefly our performance in the year 2000: the extent to which we have managed to translate our plans into practice. 1 Our regular and observant reader has surely been following our plans and the way they have been implemented. For our part, we have tried to do our best to make the Military Thought journal a reference book for every professional and a good friend and adviser for all those who seek to make their contribution to the development of military science or have to deal with specific practical tasks on the ground in the course of daily routine activity or in a combat situation.

Without a doubt, one of the most notable events in the life of the RF Armed Forces in the year 2000 was their participation in the antiterrorist operation in the Northern Caucasus. Its results have yet to be comprehensively assessed and the invaluable combat experience to be summarized, but even now it is extremely important to draw practical lessons from both victories and failures in the course of the operation. This is why, hot on its heels, we held a roundtable, in the course of which commanders in chief of various branches of service, chiefs of Defense Ministry and General Staff directorates and departments, and heads of other ministries and agencies expressed their opinion about the lessons of the antiterrorist operation in the Northern Caucasus.*

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