• "Military Thought"
  • Date:01-01-2001(MTR-No.001)
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  • Page: 2-3.
  • Words: 905

Talking to the Reader


Dear reader, the editors are happy to welcome you in this New Year and to invite you to a discussion of the most pressing and vital problems of security, military organizational development, as well as military theory and practice.

We are witnessing the arrival of yet another stage in transformations encompassing this country's military organization. As it maps out prospects for its development, the top leadership proceeds from the assumption that the forthcoming strength reductions in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation must not have a negative effect on combat capability and combat readiness. This means that serious structural changes will be required in the Armed Forces services and combat arms (forces), in their weapons and equipment, and in the organization of all types of support. All of this will call for improvements in the forms and methods of warfare as pursued by military units, and a revision of views on the operational training of staffs and combat training of troops (forces).

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