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  • Date:01-01-2001(MTR-No.001)
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Success after Retirement. Practical Guide for Retired Officers*1

Author: Col. V.P. Petrov (Ret.), Candidate of Psychology

The current reforms of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation created an urgent problem of employment for former military. Hundreds of thousands of former officers and warrant officers retired from the army and navy are facing the problem of how to make a new start in life without help from the state and how to adapt to new social conditions.

The labor market is overflowing, jobs are rare, the number of unemployed is much larger than the number of workplaces. This means that the former military are facing stiff competition. What can they do? They spent their lives in far-away garrisons, knew little of how civilians were living outside their secluded military settlements and know even less how to adjust their knowledge to civilian jobs. Indeed, what can they do to shorten the period of adaptation? How can they avoid stresses and psychological collapses? How can they preserve optimism and confidence in new economic conditions? Today, nearly all citizens of Russia who grew up in the conditions padded up by the state find it hard to answer these questions. The former military have found it doubly hard.

This means that they need information and methodological support. They should be taught what sort of jobs is best suited for their psychological types and economic and legal knowledge. It seems that the former military and their families will find Success after Retirement. Practical Guide for Retired Officers a useful and timely publication. The authors have posed themselves the task of charting the shortest way to a job or a private business by supplying all necessary information, providing psychological hints and teaching the military how to adjust to civilian life.

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