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  • Date:05-01-2001(MTR-No.003)
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Registration and Inventorying of Mobilization Transport Assets

Author: Maj. Gen. A.V. POGORELOV, Lt. Col. A.Yu. KOLYASKIN

Bringing troops, military formations, and command and control agencies up to strength for wartime will require substantial mobilization transport assets, including motor vehicles; cart and animal drawn transport facilities; motorcycles; tractors; road-building machinery, cranes, lifting gear, and other machinery and mechanisms (hereinafter referred to as technical equipment and land transport facilities) owned by organizations (legal entities) and individuals. Transport assets made available during the mobilization period are the main source of meeting the additional transport needs of troops, military formations, and command and control agencies.

The legal basis for seizure of technical equipment and land transport facilities for military use is provided by the military transport obligation,

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which, under Edict 1175 by the RF president dated October 2, 1998, On Approval of the Military Transport Obligation, is to be assumed by federal agencies of the executive branch of government; executive authorities of RF components and local self-government agencies; organizations, regardless of their ownership status, that own transport assets; organizations owning transport assets by virtue of property administration, management or economic control rights, or on any other grounds provided for by the law or by contract; organizations ensuring the operation of transport assets, including ports, wharves, airports and airfields, oil terminals, fuel transshipment points, filling stations, repair and maintenance agencies and organizations as well as all citizens (except foreign citizens) who own transport facilities. In addition, military-transport obligation does not apply to diplomatic missions and consular offices of foreign states.

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