• "Military Thought"
  • Date:07-01-2001(MTR-No.004)
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  • Page: 1-8.
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Reforming Internal Troops: Problems and Solutions

Author: Col. Gen. V. V. TIKHOMIROV

Processes afoot in this country, the content and character of transformations in the defense and law enforcement sphere imperatively dictate the need for a qualitative improvement in the functioning of the Russia Interior Ministry system, whose structural divisions are one of the most effective mechanisms for internal security the state has at its disposal. The Internal Troops of the Russia Interior Ministry have covered a difficult path of development, demonstrating at each of its stages, subject to this country's economic and financial capabilities, an aptitude for a rapid switchover from one force level to another and for a change of priorities in job and combat duties. At the same time, their basic goal-providing for national security of the state-remained unchanged. In keeping with the Federal Law on the Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation, their personnel, while protecting the interests of the state, society, and man, have a duty to guard law and order firmly, to efficiently perform the tasks of defending the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens against criminal encroachments, and to act in a skilful and resolute manner in emergencies.

So, what is determining the organizational development of the Interior Ministry's Internal Troops today and in the near future?

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