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  • Date:09-01-2001(MTR-No.005)
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Ground Forces and Military Reform

Author: Col. Gen. Yu. D. BUKREYEV

For different reasons, reforms in the Land Forces were until recently directed primarily at trimming down their composition and strength. Underestimation of the role and importance of the service, one of the principal in the Armed Forces, has led to a gradual reduction of its contribution to the summary effect of the combat functioning of the Russian Federation Armed Forces as well as readiness to perform state security missions.

A portion of military specialists have even conceived an opinion that the Land Forces have outlived their usefulness and will only play the role of auxiliary troops in future wars. As the present writer sees it, this point of view is erroneous, while its practical implementation can cause serious damage to the army's combat capability.

Being multifunctional, the Land Forces have been and will remain the main fighting force capable of occupying and holding for a long time designated areas in order to consolidate success and subsequently rout the enemy. Unlike other services, which are designed for a temporary impact, the Land Forces are as before territorial presence forces.

In accordance with the existing concept of organizational development of the Land Forces, plans have been approved for their reform. Also the command has outlined a number of measures aimed to bring their organizational structure, composition and strength in conformity with missions assigned to them, to maintain at the necessary level their combat and mobilization readiness, to supply modern weapons and military equipment, to training and build up mobilization reserves of various designation, and improve the command and control system and all types of support.

The reform of the Land Forces is in two stages.

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