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Always in Combat (For 90th Anniversary of General of the Army A. P. Beloborodov's Birthday)

Colonel (Retired) F. D. Sverdlov, doctor of historical sciences, professor; photo of Beloborodov included with article

"Always in combat," is what K. K. Rokossovskiy said about A. P. Beloborodov. These words very accurately describe his entire life. And here are lines from a book by A. M. Vasilevskiy: "Afanasiy Pavlantyevich Beloborodov had a glorious military career and was known as a bold, decisive military leader." Beloborodov's former subordinates also have only positive comments about him. He received letters from them over many postwar years. Here are a few excerpts. "I often recall you," Kh. V. Vasilyev wrote from Chuvashiya. "I was only a private, but you considered yourself an equal of each of us. The soldiers loved you for this." "We often saw you among the soldiers in the difficult war years," wrote Private S. S. Zenovkin from Bryansk Oblast, sharing his impressions, "and this gave us new strength." "We knew that where you were on the FEBA was the point of an upcoming battle and were sure you would find the necessary tactics to win total victory with fewest losses," wrote V. A. Bolotov from Irkutsk. "Thanks to General Beloborodov," Private N. F. Zverev wrote to the newspaper from Tambov Oblast, "I am alive a second time. He picked me up on the battlefield seriously wounded and delivered me to a medical battalion." There are very many similar letters. "Earning the soldier's love is the supreme happiness for the field general," said Rokossovskiy.

Beloborodov was born to a poor peasant family near Irkutsk on 31 January

His bronze bust now stands here in Irkutsk. He became a fighting man in a partisan detachment at age 16 and then was in military school and the Frunze Military Academy, and for all the remaining years there was strenuous service as a commander.

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