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  • Date:07-01-98(MTR-No.004)
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Designer of Artillery Fire (100th Birth Anniversary of Artillery Marshal V.I. Kazakov)

Col. A.N. KLYGIN, Candidate of Military Sciences, Senior Lecturer; Col. N.N. SUSLOV, Candidate of Military Sciences

Artillery Marshal V.I. Kazakov, Hero of the Soviet Union, is a prominent figure in the constellation of outstanding commanders and military leaders of the Civil War and Great Patriotic War period.

Born on 6 (18) July 1898, into a poor peasant family that dwelled at the village of Filippovo, now of Nizhni Novgorod Region, Vassily Ivanovich Kazakov made a glorious fighting career, rising through the ranks from a Red Army volunteer to a Marshal, a skilful organizer of large- scale employment of artillery during the years of the last war and in the post-war period.

Much of what V.I. Kazakov used in major battles - Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk, the Vistula- Oder operation, the capture of Berlin - was a totally new development in the theory and practice of artillery fire. Linked with his name are such unprecedented military warfare methods as artillery offensive, double rolling barrage, and massive delivery of artillery fire. He was also one of those who pioneered combat employment of artillery as an element of antitank strongpoints, integrated systems of antitank strongpoints, and antitank areas, which played an important role in the context of efforts to repel enemy tank attacks in operations conducted at the early stages of the Great Patriotic War. Obviously, it is for this reason that Artillery Marshal V.I. Kazakov is the only military leader decorated with three Orders of Suvorov 1st Class.

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