• "Social Sciences"
  • Date:01-01-2002(SSC-No.001)
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  • Pages 1-2
  • Words: 606

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B. Topornin: "Under the present conditions, in Russia it is exactly the state and law that can, objectively, face the task of uniting the efforts of the whole society to make changes leading to one main objective: to transform Russia into a free democratic country with a modern economy, advanced science and culture..."

T. Zaslavskaya, M. Shabanova: "... it is possible to relax essentially non-jural practices and advance toward the jural democratic state-society, only taking into account the interests and behavioral reactions of both macro- and mesoactors, as well as the microactors, in the transformation process."

Ya. Shimov: "... in Russia, the process of post-Communist social transformation, revolutionary in character, coincided with another, no less painful and hard for society, process of disintegration of the imperial state and gradual creation of the foundations of qualitatively different state on the place of the former empire-the national state."

S. Peregudov: "The so-called administrative resource, that is, personal, non-formal ties of the supreme management with representatives of the state authorities of different levels, also refers to the number of the most important components of the political potential of major corporations, especially given the Russian conditions. In a number of cases, this resource is so significant that it outmatches all other sources of the corporation's political influence."

Yu. Moskovsky: "Today, the situation in Russia more and more resembles the situation that existed early in the past century. The income of the most well-off 10 percent is now more than thirty times bigger that that of the least paid ten percent."

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