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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 8, 2001

Broadened Session of the Russian Academy of Sciences Presidium.

The Year of Confirmed Expectations That Have Come True. Opening Address by the RAS President, Academician Yu.S. Osipov.

Address by Deputy Chairman of the RF Government I.I. Klebanov.

Activities of the Russian Academy of Sciences Presidium in 2000. Report by the RAS Chief Scientific Secretary, Academician N.A. Plate.

Speeches of the Participants in the Session: Academicians G.A. Mesyats,

V.L. Ginzburg, O.M. Nefyodov, I.N. Fridlyander, V.A. Chereshnyov, N.P. Lyakishev, G.B. Elyakov, Chairman of the RAS Trade Union V.N. Sobolev, Academicians V.E. Fortov, N.P. Shmelyov, R.I. Nigmatulin, A.A. Krasovsky,

A.D. Kuntsevich.

On the Report of the Russian Academy of Sciences Activities in 2000. Resolution of the RAS Presidium.

A. Zapesotsky. Strong University Means Strong Russia.

V. Shumnyi. Gene and Chromosomal Engineering for Plants.

V. Kuznetsov. World of Neglected Quantities.

I. Seleznyova. There Was No Room for Intellectuals in Soviet Russia.

Archival Documents on the 1922 Deportation.

No. 9, 2001

Yu. Lopukhin. Bioethics in Russia.

B. Yudin. Morals, Biology, Law.

B. Sokolov. On Basic and Applied Sciences.

V. Molodin. Archaeology: the Results and Prospects of Interdisciplinary Exploration.

A. Armand. Hierarchy of the World Information Structures.

page 168

B. Petrovsky, A. Ragimov. Blood Transfusion Science: Time, Problems, People.

S. Lebedev et al. Foreign Students' Opinion on Russian Science.

No. 10, 2001

N. Dobretsov et al. Strategic Points of Growth and Problems of National Significance in Siberia.

I. Makarov, V. Rukavishnikov. Exhibitions in the Activity of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

I. Novikov. Inflationary Model of the Early Universe.

The Front Edge of Physical Science. Discussion at the RAS Presidium.

N. Plate et al. Possibilities of Creating New Forms of Drugs by Making Use of Polymeric Hydrogels.

A. Fesenko et al. On the Turin Shroud Dating.

R. Petrov et al. Selfless Service to Science. On the Occasion of Academician A.S. Spirin's 70th Birth Anniversary.

S. Adyan. Master of Fundamental Mathematical Constructions: To the 100th Birth Anniversary of Academician P.S. Novikov.

V. Babkov. Medical Genetics in the Soviet Union.

No. 11, 2001

V. Ishaev. Strategy of the Development for the Russian Far East.

G. Lakhtin, L. Mindeli. Science in a Renewed Country.

G. Zavarzin. Formation of the Biosphere.

Will Humankind Survive? Discussion at the RAS Presidium.

K. Kondratyev, K. Demirchyan. Climate of the Earth and the Kyoto Protocol.

N. Shchukin. Is the Idea of Historical Progress Outdated?

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