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Annual Conference of the Chinese Center of Historical and Political Research at the RAS Institute for Far Eastern Studies

Author: Vladimir Borodich

On December 24, 2001, the Chinese Center of Historical and Political Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute for Far Eastern Studies held its regular academic conference on the domestic problems of the People's Republic of China. Most of the 17 reports presented at the conference analyzed the present state of the political system in the PRC, China's domestic policy, and the situation in the Communist Party of China. The reports "Prerequisites of Jiang Zemin's Theory on the 'Three Representative Structures'" by R. M. Aslanov, CCHPR head, and "Reform of the Political System in Deng Xiaoping's Modernization Theory" by D. A. Smirnov as well as the report "On Appraising the New Aspects in the Party Structure of the CPC" by V. F. Borodich reviewed various aspects of the changes in the CPC's status in the political system, and also innovations in its ideology and organizational structure. In Aslanov's opinion, the theory of "three representative structures" elaborated since the spring 2001 by Jiang Zemin, CPC Central Committee General Secretary and PRC Chairman, could be an indication that the CPC is increasingly turning into a functional party that relies on its own "extra-class theory." In so doing, the CPC leadership is not officially rejecting the class struggle theory, although it does not occupy a conspicuous place in the party's activity.

D. A. Smirnov traced the CPC's theoretical thought from Deng Xiaoping's idea of political reform in the PRC with respect to developing legality and democracy (1992) to approval by the 15th CPC Congress of the idea of building a socialist law-based state on the four "principles" as the party's main goal. Characteristically, the CPC has no intention of changing the Communist Party's leading role in the PCR's political system during the political reforms.

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