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  • 2002-03-01MTH-No. 002
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Actions for Putting Armed Conflicts Under Control and Stopping Them


Note from the editors. We thank all readers, who responded to our suggestion 1 on holding a "public" discussion of the draft FMGF (Part 2). You already had an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the more interesting and rich-in-content contributions (as prepared by representatives of the Combined Arms Academy of the RF Armed Forces; see above). As is to be regretted, the majority of other materials received by the editors suffer from one substantial defect. Their writers limited themselves to declarative assertions alone, failing to substantiate their point of view. In a bid to "have a run" over all chapters (or the articles published in No. 1 for 2002), they keep from analyzing the material. What they do is simply furnish their interpretation of some or other concepts. Of course, as promised, we will pass those contributions to the manual draft commission, but this kind of suggestions is unlikely to be embodied in new manuals. The principle to be used here, as we see it, is this: less quantity-more quality. It is quite enough to consider some most disputed points in one or two articles and substantiate one's vision of some or other definition (pattern of decision, commander's actions while organizing for a combat, etc.).

Many readers complain that they have no opportunity to see the draft FMGF as a whole. As is to be regretted, this journal is too small for the document, which is more than 500 pages long. Based on your wishes, the editors nevertheless thought it necessary to publish the main parts of Chapter 8, which for the first time considers troop actions for putting armed conflicts under control and stopping them.

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