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"Do Not Harm!" is the Main Principle


Only that teacher will influence fruitfully the whole mass of students who is strong in science himself, has a good command of it and likes it.

D. Mendeleev

Science and education are in inseparable unity. Their mutual influence is common knowledge. For example, that professor's work in any college is most effective who not only "sows the reasonable, good, eternal" but also does a lot of research. It is not at all incidentally that the issue of interaction of science and education is constantly presented in our journal. By the way, the RAS Presidium charged the chief scientific secretary of the Academy N. Plate with the responsibility of strengthening contacts between the Academy of Sciences and higher school, thus stressing this acute and serious problem. The system of education inherited by Russian society from the totalitarian regime needs reforming by all means. However, any experiment here should be thoroughly thought over, oriented as far as possible at the prevalence of positive results. What problems arise in so multi-valent paradigm "society-teacher-student"? What vectors of reforming the system of education appear to be most effective? Such is the topic of the discussion of Vice-Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science D. Sc. (Phys. and Math.) G. SAFARALIYEV and the head of the department of the Center of Sociological Research of the Ministry of Education Cand. Sc. (Philos.) L. VERYOVKIN. It should be noted that the participants of the discussion are experienced people in the field they discuss. Before being elected to the Russian parliament Gadgimed Safaraliyev was the Vice-Director of Dagestan University and proved to be a talented organizer of higher education. Leonid Veryovkin is a post-graduate of the RAS Institute of Sociology and has great experience of teaching in colleges of the Ukraine and Russia.

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