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Yu. KIRYANOV. Right-wing Parties in Russia. 1911-1917

Author: R. Romov

Editor S. Tyut'kin. Moscow, Russian Political Encyclopedia (ROSSPEN), 2001, 464 pp.

Ю. КИРЬЯНОВ. Правые партии в России. 1911-1917 гг. (Отв. ред. С. Тютькин). М., РОССПЭН (Российская политическая энциклопедия), 2001, 464 стр.

The author of this book brought together his numerous articles on various aspects of the subject under review. Thus, his long work in archives was completed by publication of the monograph.

As an historian, Yu. Kiryanov studied practice of the allied congresses and inter-party forums ("congresses of the peoples of Russia"). He also examined the work of the right-wing parties in the prewar period by protocols of ruling bodies and materials of local branches reports.

Before summer 1914 all right-wing parties went on with intensive activities in spite of their apartnesss and even hostility among some of them (p. 212). The situation radically changed with the beginning of World War I. But the crisis of "the Right- winger cause" became clear long before the war. It was characterized by "a change in the number, intensification of strife between the 'allies', non-fulfillment of the best wishes, weakening of its influence over the masses" (p. 215). And in the war years, when formation of the "Progressive Block", strengthening of the liberal Fronde and also the discontent of the masses made it necessary to oppose to the growing revolutionary threat with the a broad monarchists' movement, everything was limited by meetings of the leaders and ideologists and by poor attempt to unite the moderate wing into the "Russian Patriotic Union". The result was natural: "in the beginning of 1917 the Right-wingers did not manage to do anything but would not be able to do it even if they decided to make any real steps. In the years of war they represented short-lived and powerless unions, which were rejected by a considerable part of lower classes pressed by the heavy war burdens that had supported them before" (p. 296).

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