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A Comparative Study of World Civilizations

Author: L. Semennikova

Interdisciplinary Approach

Moscow, the RAS Institute of World History, 2000, 352 pp. (in Russian).

Сравнительное изучение цивилизаций мира (междисциплинарный подход). М.: ИВИ РАН, 2000, 352 стр.

This collection of articles published under the editorship of K. Khvostova reflects a polemics evolved around the civilizational approach to history. Theoretical problematics is combined with a concrete historical one. It is one of the few editions in which notions of civilization and its structure-forming factors are used as a tool for analyzing concrete historical material of different epochs. The authors were aware of the gap which has been definitely formed between theoretical investigations of the problems concerning civilizations and implementation of their results in historical research, trying, if not to overcome this gap, at least, minimize it.

The collection of articles under review will attract the reader's attention, first of all, due to its theoretical-methodological part and the methods it suggests of instrumental implementation of the categories of civilizational approach. I. Ionov, the author of the article "Modern Approaches to the Study of Civilizations", allows the reader to get acquainted with some "novelties" of the last decade of the past century. The authors of the present collection of articles couldn't but take part in disputes evolved around the definition of the notion "civilization". This very widespread notion has got an ideological or historical cultural, rather than scientific, meaning. The opponents of the civilizational approach lay stress on that this category is ambiguous and, consequently, it is impossible to implement it instrumentally in historical descriptions.

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