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Ye. Balatsky: "Developing and transition economy countries have two specific features: first, the capital deficit problem in these countries is particularly acute, and second, traditional capital redistribution channels either do not work or work poorly. In view of this, economic agents in these countries look for other options of organizing investment markets, using not very traditional methods for this purpose. One of these in Russia is the institution of regional investment forums."

E. Paneyakh: "Twenty-five million people in the Russian government bodies, the 'power ministries,' the predominantly state-run education and healthcare institutions use the bulk of their work time to fill out and process papers, which helps some civil servants (or public-sector workers not accorded that status, but working for the state) prove to other civil servants (their bosses, external auditors, workers in a related organization) that they are not shirkers, thieves or incompetents."

O. Luchkina: "The three forces that guided a child's reading in prerevolutionary Russia in the period between 1860 and 1917 were power, the public and local teacher-and-parent associations. Power was represented by the Holy Synod, the Ministry of People's Education, the War Ministry and the Chancellery of Dowager Empress Maria. These central institutions oversaw the assessment and selection of books and had equal status."

N. Naumova, I. Tutberidze: "At first sight, Greater Europe could be a source of considerable political clout for the Europeans: 27 out of more than 40 states of Europe formed a powerful center of force and a single community administered by their common agencies. At the same time, this was fraught with a lot of risks, primarily the danger that the former consistent, coordinated and mutually beneficial policy would be 'diluted' in the multitude of new and old EU countries. Other risks were constraints placed on joint decision-making and the likely shift of the 'control center' from the Western to the Eastern European vector."


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