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M. Levin, G. Satarov: "Rent-seeking behavior undermines the incentives for economic agents to innovate. First, agents have to bear the expenses of overcoming administrative barriers erected by government agencies. Second, in an economy with widespread rent-seeking behavior, business loans are more expensive. And third, long-term investment in innovation loses its attractiveness. All these factors have a negative effect on innovation activity and economic growth."

N. Pliskevich: "...The current Russian elite is thus far dominated by those who seek to maintain the 'power-property' system, or LAOs (Limited Access Order), even if the price to be paid is degradation of the national economy. As is evident from the practices typical of the 'fat' 2000s, the mobilization development principles characteristic of this system (currently expressed in the budget funding of some or other megaprojects) have not only failed to promote any significant technological breakthroughs but also produced paltry results in the area of infrastructure development, etc."

N. Soboleva: "Even though the white-blue-red tricolor (unlike the black-yellow-white flag) lacked the official status of the state flag, there was a tendency in Russian society in the early 20th century to view it as the national flag. It was regarded as such even by the Bolsheviks. Yakov Sverdlov, for one, stressed in 1918 that Russia's national flag 'was still the tricolor.'"

V. Vizgin: "Marcel is a philosopher of reflexion and his philosophical method is 'second reflexion' (la reflexion seconde). Prishvin is not a philosopher, but with a little bit of a stretch he can be regarded as a Russian Marcel, Marcel without 'second reflexion.' For the Russian writer the memory of his sensitive heart replaces philosophical reflexion. A magic fairytale is the core and nucleus of Prishvin's worldview. The paradise of childhood, the paradise of 'the whole life,' so to speak, were things that he experienced with extraordinary depth, leaving a trail that prompted him to reproduce them ...

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