Past Examples of Armed Prevention of Terrorism

Author: A.A. Varfolomeyev

A.A. VARFOLOMEYEV, Candidate of Political Sciences

Abstract. The paper examines the admissibility of preventive antiterror operations in other states, citing historical examples of specific armed conflicts. It draws parallels between the international situation in the 1970s and in the 2000s, noting the changes in the UN Security Council's stand on the matter.

Keywords: international terrorism, preventive actions, self-defense, international law, Israel, U.S.A.

The mid-1980s marked an important historical boundary for the UN Security Council. Since that time the formal productivity of the world's key peace and security institution has soared. The number of resolutions passed by the Security Council each year has been growing exponentially, while the amount of projects that failed to be agreed upon or were vetoed noticeably decreased. One of the major reasons for this is that the leading states, primarily those that are permanent SC members, abandoned the logic of rigid bipolar confrontation. It is hardly a secret that previously initiatives and resolutions used to be alternately blocked by the East or the West, depending on their authorship rather than content.

Another reason was the maturing of a whole series of very grave challenges and threats, which originated outside the blocs or else outgrew and exceeded the bipolar bloc configuration. The protracted Arab-Israeli standoff, the South African apartheid, and generally a plethora of conflicts in Africa, terrorism and transnational organized crime, all of those got too serious to fit the history pattern of struggle between the two world camps.

In any case, the two trends caused unprecedented debates within the UN Security Council about new problems of international security that started in the mid-1980s. The debates concerned the changing essence of military confrontation; interpretation of the right to self-defense; one state suppressing unlawful activity aimed against its interests on another state's territory; combating terrorism and piracy. One will readily observe that the problems that got topical nearly thirty years ago ...

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