Counterterrorist Operations in the Fight against Terrorism (Based on Israeli Experience)

Author: V.V. ZELYONY

Col. V.V. ZELYONY, Candidate of Political Sciences

Abstract. With reference to special measures taken by the Israeli authorities, the author examines the nature and specific aspects of counter-terrorist operations, suggests his own definition and develops a classification of these operations, and offers an assessment of their effectiveness as forms of the fight against terrorism.

Keywords: operation, fight against terrorism, prevention and suppression of terrorist activities, armed forces, Israel.

The State of Israel has a huge store of experience in keeping terrorism reined in. It has made impressive inroads against terrorism by using a variety of approaches and methods in its war on terror, and it is worthwhile to study them with the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of the fight against terrorism sprouting on home ground, in Russia.

Terrorism is viewed in Russia as one of the many challenges the world is facing today.1 As required by Russian laws and regulations, studies of the forms and methods practiced in other countries, Israel in the first place, to fight terrorism must be undertaken to provide scholarly support for efforts directed at combating terrorism.2

The term "counterterrorist operation" is not used in Israel as widely as it is in Russia.* It is just a broader "operation" there, an activity the Israeli authorities conduct to counter terrorism and engage in addressing other situations requiring the use of military force.

* Under the Suppression of Terrorism Concept in the Russian Federation, a counterterrorist operation is the principal form of action to prevent acts of terrorism by special, operational, military, and other measures with the use of heavy military equipment, weapons and special-purpose capabilities to anticipate acts of terrorism, neutralize terrorists, and ensure the safety of civilians, organizations, and institutions, and to minimize and/or mitigate the aftereffects of acts of terrorism (Article 23, Suppression of Terrorism Concept, in the Russian Federation).

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A group of operations ...

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