Foreign Military Experts on Troop Redeployment



Abstract. The author surveys foreign military experts' views on ways to implement the principle of armed forces strategic mobility by anticipatory deployment of strike task forces to theaters of operations as needed.

Keywords: strategic mobility, U.S. Strategic Transportation Command, immediate response forces, rapid deployment forces, mobile forces.

In the latter half of the 20th and early 21st centuries, the U.S. armed forces have projected their military strength by moving large troops contingents and impressive quantities of weapons, equipment, and logistical supplies to many regions across the world. Planning and conducting military operations at an enormous distance from the forces' home stations, bases, and supply sources called for a logistical framework to be put in place for forces and supplies to be redeployed at a reasonable speed and in sufficient numbers and quantities.

The lesson learned in wars and armed conflicts anywhere anytime is that anticipation of adversary moves in strategic deployment of armed forces and buildup of task forces in strategic and operational areas gives the attacker an opportunity to succeed in offensive operations and the defender to prevent aggression before it goes off and to thwart invasion, if it comes, in the early phase of combat operations.

It is held in the United States that any war and any armed conflict is preceded by building and deploying adequate task forces in any region of the world, even at a considerable distance from the homeland, where its national interests are at stake. Given that its forces are, as a rule of thumb, to be deployed and committed outside the continental U.S., troops have to be moved quickly over great distances.

A survey of foreign military experts' attitudes and measures the top military leaders in the U.S. and other NATO countries are taking to enhance troops mobility can be reduced to three aspects of the mobility challenge.

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