"Fortunate Is He Today Who Gains a Victory Not by Blood..." S. Lavrov...1


United States Military Policy V. Kozin...6

The Crimean Crisis and the Issue of Security Guarantees for Ukraine V. Orlov...22

What Went Wrong With Western Europe? Giuseppe Tullio...35

Factor 2014: A Challenge for Central Asia and Russia D. Malysheva...45

America's Return to Southeast Asia N. Vlasov...59

Prospects for an International Legal Regime in the Arctic P. Gudev...76


The Miracle of Nativity A. Oganesyan...89


Lithuania: A Glimpse of the European Union in the Mirror of Euro Integration N. Platoshkin...93

Palestine: Another Step Toward Independence Fayed Mustafa...102

What Kind of Middle Class Does India Have? E. Bragina...107

Myanmar: The Change of Yardsticks G. Ivashentsov...118

Russia and Fiji: 40 Years of Partnership Inoke Kubuabola...130


The Russian Energy Sector: Challenges of the Times Yu. Shafranik...132

page 01


Crisis of European Integration: Lessons for Post-Soviet Space

Historically, Ethnically, Mentally, Crimea Is Always a Special Place for Russia V. Svetlichny

The Underlying Cause of the Conflict Between Russia and the EU Over the Baltic States: Energy Security A. Gaponenko

Identity Crisis in Europe and the Post-Soviet Space G. Muradov

Multiple Forms of Integration in the Post-Soviet Space V. Kolesnichenko

New Geopolitical Trends in Eastern Europe:

Lessons for the Republic of Belarus Yu. Shevtsov

Armenia After the Decision to Join the Customs Union G. Momjan

What Interferes With Integration in the Post-Soviet Space R. Agaev

The Ukrainian Factor as a Challenge to European Integration V. Pirozhenko,

National State Identity and Regional Integration A. Sadvakasova

The Role of Crimea in the Integration Choice of Ukraine A. Mashchenko

A. Oganesyan, A. Gromyko, D. Asatryan, V. Sokolenko, V. Tsiavaty, AbdulMunem Salam Adil, S. ...

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