On the Definition of Military-Political Situation


V.A. MAKHONIN, Doctor of History

Abstract. The author considers the methodology of defining the concept of military-political situation based on the rules of formal logic. He explores the notion of military-political situation as a specific concept in relation to the generic one of situation, establishes the features of specific and generic concepts; proceeding from this basis, he defines the military-political situation as the state of relationships resulting from the interaction of various military and political forces.

Keywords: situation, military-political situation, military situation, combat situation, military-political relations, military-political entities, state of relations.

The concept of military-political situation is among the more widely used terms in military-political research. Apart from the General Staff and researchers, it is readily employed by such military publications as Voyennaya mysl ', Kras-naya zvezda, Zarubezhnoye voyennoye obozreniye, and numerous others. Yet a universally accepted interpretation of the essence, structure and content of this phenomenon is yet to form in the military scientific community.

The Military Doctrine mentions military-political situation in Article 10 as a totality of relations between states, while Article 19 views the military-political situation differently, as a phenomenon to be analyzed along with the condition of relations between states in the military-political sphere.1

Voyennaya entsyklopediya (1994) bases its interpretation of military-political situation on a series of articles published between 1980 and 19892 defining it as a sum of characteristic features of military-political relations between states and other political agents, including armed forces.3

Voyenno-entsyklopedichesky slovar' issued in 2007 describes the military-political situation similarly to the Military Encyclopedia.4

V.M. Baryn'kin, Doctor of Military Sciences, defined military-political situation back in 1999 as "a historically specific aggregate of conditions and fac-

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tors related to the alignment of military-political forces, the nature of their activity and condition of relations between them, and use of military force for political purposes.5 According to him, a military-political situation is merely "a cross-section of ...

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