Protection of National Borders in Aerospace

Author: I.M. KUPTSOV

Lt. Col. I.M. KUPTSOV, Candidate of Military Sciences

Igor M. KUPTSOV was born in Mirny, Arkhangelsk Region, on June 24, 1970. He graduated from the Higher Engineering School of Antiaircraft Missile Defense in Minsk. Between 1992 and 2007, he served with antiaircraft missile and radio engineering forces of the Moscow Military District. He completed a postgraduate course at the Marshal Zhukov Military Academy of Aerospace Defense in Tver. He has authored 22 academic papers.

Today, he is senior instructor at the Marshal Zhukov Military Academy of Aerospace Defense.

Abstract. The author brings out inconsistencies arising over the protection of the Russian Federation's national borders by the Air Force and Air Defense (Aerospace Defense) Forces at a time when reforms are going on in the Armed Forces and offers ways to eliminate them.

Keywords: protection of the national borders in aerospace, aerospace defense system, hypersonic vehicles (HSV).

A new arm of the service - Aerospace Defense (ASD) Forces - was instituted in the Russian Armed Forces on December 1, 2011. The ASD Forces comprise a space command that includes the Main Center for Missile Attack Warning, the Main Outer Space Monitoring Center, and the G.S. Titov Main Space Test Center; the air and aerospace defense command consisting of air defense brigades and an antiballistic missile (ABM) defense formation; the national space center at Plesetsk comprising space vehicle testing and launch centers, and the testing range at Kura, Kamchatka,1 a self-contained research and measurement station.

Since that day, the ASD Forces' command (control) posts have been on alert protecting the country's borders in aerospace. That memorable event has become yet another step toward a single ASD system being created in the Russian Federation.

Institution of the ASD Forces and their troops kept on alert in a new organizational format, though, have raised a great many problems at all levels related

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