The Nature and Content of a New-Generation War


Col. S.G. CHEKINOV (Res.), Doctor of Technical Sciences

Lt. Gen. S.A. BOGDANOV (Ret), Doctor of Military Sciences

Abstract. The authors make an analysis of print publications put out by the Russian Ministry of Defense and other sources devoted to the country's security today and offer an insight into the nature and content of a new-generation war.

Keywords: mobile joint forces, age of high-tech warfare, information superiority, information and psychological warfare, reconnaissance and subversive operations.

Many home-ground military experts writing in print publications put out this year by the Russian Defense Ministry and elsewhere in the national press offer their own visions of how this country can be made secure militarily, the kind of future warfare they call a new-generation war, and, perhaps the most puzzling issue, what the Russian Armed Forces' makeup must be. Many of them insist that a future war will in no way look like wars of the past century, and even wars fought only recently. Some of them are justified in their views that the Russian Armed Forces' weapons system does not fit completely the role it will have to play in future wars and that, for this reason, it must be restructured and its makeup reworked.1

Quite a standout among them all is an article by the Chief of the Russian Armed Forces' General Staff who writes that "... the 'rules of war' themselves have changed significantly. Nonmilitary options have come to play a greater role in achieving political and strategic goals and, in some situations, are greatly superior to the power of weapons. The role of mobile joint forces operating in an integrated reconnaissance and information environment is rising through the use of new opportunities now available to control and logistic systems. New information technologies have reduced appreciably the distance - physical, temporal, and informational - between the troops and their superiors. Remote engagement

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