Warfare Today and Tomorrow


Ye.O. NOVOZHILOVA, Candidate of Biology

Yelena O. NOVOZHILOVA was born in the city of Maikop, Krasnodar Territory, on July 15, 1963. She graduated from the State Teacher Training Institute in Adygeya, majoring in biology and chemistry (1989). She obtained a Candidate degree from Moscow State Forestry University (1994); and in 1999, she became assistant professor. From 1994 to 2007 she worked at Maikop State Technological University as assistant professor at the Department of Environmental Studies and Nature Preserves and deputy dean of the Environment Faculty. Since 2007, she has been working on her doctoral thesis at the Sociology Department, St. Petersburg State University; she ia also Assistant Professor at the Fire Safety Services Department of St. Petersburg University of the State Firefighting Service under the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

She is author of almost 40 publications, among them the textbook Social Ecology. A course of lectures (1998). Her interests lie in the social and historical aspects of the environment.

Abstract. The article is concerned with some typical features of future wars determined by political, social and technological changes in the world, and stemming from progress in robotics, genetic engineering and bioindustry.

Keywords: diversification of warfare, network centric warfare, environmental warfare, low-intensity conflicts, military robots, biological weapons.

Wars appear to be the most stable mode of culturally determined human activity. Warfare has gone through a complex historical evolution along with the development of humanity. In the process its purpose, as well as the scope of hostilities, strategy and tactics of the opposing sides, means of armed struggle, the scale and nature of destruction changed depending on the historical period and the type of warring states. Wars of the industrial age were markedly different from those of the agrarian period in human history, while post-industrialist civilization is bring-

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ing new actors into play, radically changing the means of armed straggle, and the ...

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