Aerospace: The Main Theater of Operations


Col. Yu.V. KRINITSKY (Res.), Candidate of Military Sciences

Yuri V. KRINITSKY was born in Akhtyrka, Ukraine, on September 2, 1959. He finished the Suvorov Military School in Minsk (1976) and graduated from the Higher Engineering Antiaircraft Missile School of Air Defense in Minsk (1981). Between 1981 and 1988, he served with the SAM forces in the Ural area. He then went on to graduate from the then Marshal G.K Zhukov Military Command Academy of the Air Defense Forces in Tver and took a postgraduate course at the same academy. Between 1994 and 2010, he advanced from instructor to professor of the Academy's operational art chair.

Upon retirement to the reserve in 2010, he keeps up academic and teaching activities. Yuri Krinitsky has authored over 130 academic papers and two volumes of verse. He holds a professorship and is a member of the Council of Experts on Aerospace Defense.

Abstract. The author offers an unorthodox approach to the definition of armed struggle environments; validates the need for an "aerospace theater of operations" to be adopted as a new scientific category; and looks at factors giving armed struggle in the aerospace theater of operations a decisive role in the development of weapons and techniques used in warfare today.

Keywords: armed struggle environment, aerospace theater of operations, aerospace defense, strategic operation.

As various military organizations and control agencies are struggling for survival, they make antiaircraft and aerospace missile defense forces, by a longstanding tradition, a trade-in. The need for joint operations in aerospace, the only common environment they have to live and fight in, has invariably been a trump card each branch or arm of the service wanted to play to take these orphans under their wing.

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What, in fact, is this environment everyone claims to be its own, even if for entirely different reasons?

Debates among military experts over armed struggle environments do ...

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