The Impact of Nazi Germany's Achievements on Science and Technology Progress


Lt. Col. A.D. SAPELKIN (Res.)

Alexander D. SAPELKIN was born at the Panteleymonovka station, Yasinovatskaya District, Donetsk Region, Ukraine. He graduated from the Higher Military Command School of Signal Communications in Novocherkassk (1988). He served with the Air Defense Forces in the positions ranging from radio platoon leader to commander of a military unit in radio engineering troops. On several occasions between 1994 and 2005, he carried out combat assignments to restore constitutional order in the Chechen Republic. He completed with honors the higher academic course at the RF AF Combined-Arms Academy (2003).

From 2008 to 2011, he was lecturer at the Control over Daily Unit Activity chair, the Marshal Budyonny Military Academy of Communications Novocherkassk branch.

Abstract. The paper analyzes the way the leading Allied powers progressed in science and technology in research and military spheres, both after the war and today, by building on Germany's scientific discoveries, engineering and design ideas and inventions during World War II.

Keywords: Otto Halm, Fritz Strassmann, Walter Heisenberg, Wernher von Braun, scientific discovery, Third Reich, chain reaction, uranium project, progress in science and technology.

Not infrequently contemporary society avails itself of scientific ideas and technologies which major economically advanced countries present as their own scholars' and engineers' achievements. In fact, things are rather different. Since the time of antiquity people have practiced what is known as industrial espionage, which covered above all the military science sphere. Invention of steel melting, gunpowder, the steam engine, the internal combustion engine - all of those were used primarily for military purposes.

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Germany's discoveries in science and technology were no exception: the victors in World War II made ample use of them in the scientific, economic and military spheres.

Since Nazi Germany's ambition was to dominate the world and eliminate "racially inferior" nations, the chief method chosen to achieve that was war. Germany's entire research and engineering ...

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