Operational and Combat Training of the U.S. Strategic Defense Forces


Maj.Gen. M.P. VILDANOV (Ret.), Candidate of Military Sciences


Midykhat P. VILDANOV was born in the Republic of Bashkortostan in 1949. He graduated from the State Radio Engineering Academy in Ryazan (1971), the F.E. Dzerzhinsky Military Academy (1982), and the Higher Academic Courses under the Russian Federation Armed Forces General Staff Military Academy (1994). He served with the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) in commanding and staff positions, from senior operator of a launching crew to head of the SMF Staff Operational Directorate (1971-2005).

Since 2006, he has been engaged in teaching and research at the Military Academy of the General Staff. He is assistant professor and author of over 72 academic papers. At the moment, he is leading research associate at the Center for Studying the Military Potential of Foreign Countries.

Alexander I. ANUFRIYEV was born in Moscow in 1974. He graduated from the Higher Officer Command School in Leningrad (1995). He served with the Moscow Military District as platoon leader and company commander (1995-1999), at the Extra-Risk Rescue Operations Center of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry as senior officer, and head of group (2000-2005).

Since 2005, he has been senior research associate at the Center for Studying the Military Potential of Foreign Countries.

Abstract. The paper focuses on the content and forms of operational and combat training of the U.S. strategic defense forces.

Keywords: strategic defense forces, operational-strategic exercises, command post war games, combat readiness checks, NORAD.

The Strategic Defense Forces (SDF) of the United States are to protect the territory of the North American Continent against enemy aerospace attack facil-

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ities. In peacetime and under imminent threat of aggression, the SDF control aerospace, while in wartime, their job is to issue warning about enemy nuclear missile attacks, control outer space, and conduct air and antimissile defense of the U.S. and allied territories, and also ...

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