On the U.S. New Strategic Triad


Col. V.I. LUMPOV (Res.), Doctor of Military Sciences

Col. V.V. KARPOV, Doctor of Military Sciences

Vladimir I. LUMPOV was born on July 10, 1947. Upon graduation from the Higher Military Command and Engineering School in Perm (1970), he began service with the Strategic Missile Forces. Between 1980, when he graduated from the Command Department of the F.E. Dzerzhinsky Military Academy, and 1999, he held teaching and managing positions at the Operational Art chair of the same academy. Between 1999 and 2009, he was chief of the laboratory engaged in scientific research of nuclear forces employment at the Military Academy of the Russian Armed Forces' General Staff, and today he is a leading research associate of the Defense Ministry's Central Institute of Military Technical Information. In 1986, he won a candidate degree and next, a doctorate (2002); in 2007, he was given the title of professor in his field, and was elected full member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences (2008). Vladimir Lumpov has authored over 150 works, including more than 40 monographs and textbooks on Russian and foreign military art.

Vladimir V KARPOV was born in Volsk, Saratov Region, on November 10, 1970. He graduated from the A.F. Mozhaysky Military Space Academy (1992), the Peter the Great Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces (2001), and the postgraduate course at the Peter the Great Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces (2002). In 2007, he earned a doctorate.

He served in command and engineering positions in the Far Eastern Military District. Today, he is a professor of the Operational Art chair of the Peter the Great Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces. He has authored over a hundred academic works and inventions, and is a full member of the Academy of Military Sciences.

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Abstract. On the basis of their study and overview of foreign sources published between 2001 and 2010, the ...

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