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A. Shastitko: "The rule of law is an instrument for raising the level of certainty in the system of economic exchanges. At the same time, higher certainty (predictability) does not guarantee more efficient results of economic exchanges. But this does not mean that the stability of the rule of law principle, while ensuring the predictability of the method of application of its norms, can only accidentally result in greater efficiency and stability of economic development. Greater certainty in the application of norms is a necessary but insufficient condition for the implementation of the rule of law principle."

A. Repnikov: "An ideologist of Narodnaya Volya (the People's Freedom) defecting to the monarchist camp and taking charge of the Moskovskiye vedo-mosti newspaper, the main publication of the monarchists, Lev Tikhomirov was already the subject of heated debate during his lifetime. What used to be fellow-revolutionaries branded him a renegade, but the Black Hundreders too had no trust in him. They called him 'a most dangerous secret enemy of autocracy. '"

I. Jazhborovskaya: "Following a thorough selection, a number of POWs were assigned to three new special NKVD camps located at Starobelsk (Ukraine), Kozelsk and Ostashkov (both central Russia). These were reserved for officers (both cadre and mobilized reservists) and some selected civilians, mostly government personnel, including even some accountants. In fact, those Polish citizens, almost 22,000 in number, were denied the prisoner-of-war rights and all came to be executed in secrecy between April and May, 1940. Their extermination by the NKVD formed the basis of the Katyn case."

V. Listov: " is clear that Pushkin is 'definitely' going to write two histories, Peter's and Alexander's. But what is the relationship between these two projected works? Are these two independent works that we would describe as monographs today? Or is it a single, full-scale history of Russia in the 18th—19th centuries that starts with the efforts of Peter the ...

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