The Middle Class in Russia: An Agenda for Structured Analysis

L. Grigoryev, A. Salmina

No. 1

Russia's Development Strategy: Strategy Concept and Economic Reality

D. Sorokin

No. 1

Types of Economic Action

V. Tambovtsev

No. 2

The Problem of the Predictability of the Economic System: Theoretical Aspects

V. Burlachkov

No. 2

System Resource of the Economy

G. Kleiner

No. 3

Analysis of Short-Term Trends in the Russian Economy: How to Clear the "Fog of the Present"?

V. Bessonov

No. 3

Rule of Law Economics: The Cost of Guarantors' Services and Enforcement Errors

A. Shastitko

No. 4


Russian Emigration in 1917-1939: Structure, Geography, Comparative Analysis

I. Sabennikova

No. 1

Gorbachev's Perestroika and the Ceausescu Regime

V. Musatov

No. 2

Charles Whitworth, the British Diplomat and Intelligence Officer, at the Court of Peter I

T. Labutina

No. 2

page 175

Pyotr Yeropkin, St. Petersburg Architect

G. Karpov

No. 3

Lev Aleksandrovich Tikhomirov

A. Repnikov

No. 4

The Katyn Case: Working to Learn the Truth

I. Jazhborovskaya

No. 4


The Theater of Cruelty, Russian Style. The Hero and the Audience in Yury Klavdiev's Monodrama I Am a Machine Gunner

S. Lavlinsky

No. 1

The Romantic Heroine

A. Polonskaya

No. 1

The Sources and the Message of the Image of Yeshua Ha-Nozri in Mikhail Bulgakov's Novel The Master and Margarita

G. Rebel

No. 2

International Provocation: On Boris Pasternak's Nobel Prize

A. Sergeyeva-Klyatis

No. 3

Russian History of the 18th Century: Pushkin's Unfulfilled Plan

V. Listov

No. 4


Time and Man: The Contribution of Russian Émigrés to the Rise of French Philosophy in the Mid-20th Century

A. Rutkevich

No. 1

Narcissism of Desire and the Philosophy of Identity

Ye. Krasnukhina

No. 2

Hegel and Modern Science

V. Stepin

No. 4


Immigration Regimes in Western States and in Russia: Theoretical and Political Aspects

V. Malakhov

No. 1

page 176

Solzhenitsyn's Nation-Building, Paradigm or Twenty Years Later M. Krasnov No. 2 The Real Man of Politics in Russia (On Gender Discourse As a Resource for the Authority) T. Ryabova, O. Ryabov No. 3 At the Crossroads of History. Europe: A Fading Power Center? A. Gromyko No. 3 Prospects for the Realization of Russia's Geopolitical Interests in the Post-Soviet Space S. Bespalov No. 4 PSYCHOLOGY Russian Psychological Science and the International Academic Mainstream A. Yurevich No. 1 Value Orientations of the Forming Personality in Russia's Historical Dynamics A. Zhuravlyov, T. Drobysheva No. ...

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