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A. Shastitko: "The purpose of this article is to determine the ways of addressing and the constraints on the solution of the problem of a 'dysfunctional' mutation of the norms of open access social orders in limited access systems as illustrated by the tools of antitrust policy."

Ya. Pappe: "...government completely lost its legitimacy in the USSR back in the 1980s. State property lost it at the same time, while the newly emerged non-state property did not acquire it. Naturally, this led to the collapse of all institutions associated with property. Let us also recall that law enforcement institutions in the late USSR were destroyed not by a dozen or so liberal-minded advocates of a free market but by mass demonstrations of supporters of 'socialism with a human face,' who broke through police cordons, urged the KGB to repent, and made heroes out of convicted dissidents."

V. Kozlov: "Consequently, the third document, Beria's Private Diary, has been compiled by the same person. Two motives prompted the forgery of documents. First, the desire to use Beria's Private Diary to present the latter as a humane statesman concerned about the good of his country and feels strongly about his own and others' mistakes. Second, to use a forged document allegedly discovered after the publication of Kremlev's book Beria. The Best Manager of the 20th Century to bolster his general and specific conclusions about the activities of the protagonist of this book."

S. Papkov: "the war had brought little change to the workers' attitude to work at state enterprises. The statistics of truancy, of leaving the workplace without permission and the resulting convictions indicated that labor discipline had not improved. The problem was solved, as before, through introducing more severe criminal punishment."

A. Karpov: "Sinyavsky was sure that creative triumphs in art only come to those who consciously break its norms and rules. In his opinion, Pushkin was ...

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