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Ya. Pappe, N. Antonenko: "...A fundamental shift is taking place in the Russian business elite from lone entrepreneurs who keep a watchful eye on the boundaries of their possessions to complicated configurations (intertwining) of entrepreneurial partners. We will refer to them as the partners of entrepreneurs who simultaneously own, directly or indirectly, major stakes in a company or several companies important for them, irrespective of the relationships between these entrepreneurs. "

T. Teterevleva: "Influenced by the vagueness of margins limiting the boundaries of scientific historical knowledge on the Web, the extreme narrowness and specificity of representations related to academic texts, and the audience's preference for 'a history of views' with its specific authenticity of discourse, the mass consciousness in Russia revives ideas about history being unscientific in principle."

Yu. Lunyova: "After the Black Sea squadron put to sea from Sevastopol and Odessa, the Ambassador 'was instructed to warn the Sultan about the consequences of unqualified decisions and offer to him Russia's guarantees of his personal safety, if he agreed to Russian ships entering Bosporus and to the landing force taking certain positions on both shores of the Strait to guard the passage to the Black Sea.' Nicholas II wrote on the margin: 'Forever' and underscored the word two times. But the cruise was canceled at the last moment. It was a victory for the forces that were persuading the Tsar not to involve Russia into a new war and appealing to reason."

K. Volkov: "An experiment, a puzzle, a bridge of sorts between the Russian and English periods, The Real Life is Nabokov's first English novel. It was not just a test of the English pen, but an attempt to add complexity to, and, in a sense, recreate his poetics in a new language space and for the new reader. In coming through the novel's complex prismatic subject-object structure, the traditional Syrin themes fantastically mutated, utterly ...

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