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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 11, 2011

V. Schults, V. Lokosov. Consolidation of Russian Modern Society: Risks and Opportunities. Russia at a Crossroads. Discussion of a Scientific Report.

A. Lavrov. Problems of Academic Publications of the Russian Literature Classics.

Critical Issues of Fundamental Philological Science. Discussion of a Scientific Report.

G. Aitova. Sociocultural Context of Contemporary Understanding of Justice in Russia.

Ye. Tavokin. Mass Communication in the Present-Day World.

B. Yershov, A. Ponomaryov. Prospects of Electronic Radiation Technology in the Processing of Biomass.

B. Vartapetyan, Vl. Kuznetsov. International Recognition of the Doctrine of Plant Anaerobic Stress As a New Trend in Environmental Biology.

M. Rodkin. Reforms in Science-Declarations and Implementation.

G. Ivanitsky et al. Life Rhythms of the Biological and Economic Systems.

Yu. Sikharulidze. Once Again about Mstislav Keldysh.

No. 12, 2011

V. Levashov. Sociopolitical Stability of Society.

Yu. Mokhnacheva, T. Kharybina. Scientific Productivity of the RAS and Higher Education Institutions: A Comparative Bibliometric Analysis.

I. Ivanov. Geopolitics of Russia in Eurasia.

Eurasian Context of Russian Geopolitics. Discussion of a Paper.

page 147

Yu. Oganesyan. Synthesis and Properties of Superheavy Elements. Successes and Prospects of the National Nuclear Physics Development. Discussion of a Paper.

A. Petrov et al. The History and Heritage of Russian America.

T. Moiseyenko. Anthropogenically Induced Processes in Biosphere.

A. Glyco et al. Conqueror of the Arctic and Outstanding Scientist. The 120th Birth Anniversary of Academician Otto Shmiclt.

A. Alimov et al. The Russian Hydrobiological Society and the Results of Its Activity.

S. Lazarev. Tukhachevsky and Uborevich, Bright Representatives of the Soviet Military ...

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