Prolegomena to the Next Modernization of Russia

G. Satarov

No. 1

New Configurations of Owners in Russia's Big Business

Ya. Pappe, N. Antonenko

No. 2

From Great Mathematician to Outstanding Economist (The Centenary of Leonid Kantorovich's Birth)

V. Makarov

No. 3

Russian Protectionism: Problems of the Institutional Heritage

L. Tsedilin

No. 3

Antitrust in Russia: To Be or Not to Be?

A. Shastitko

No. 4

The Left March on African Drums, or a Book on Economics Written by the Heart (Notes on the margins of the monograph by V Popov "Strategies of Economic Development")

Ya. Pappe

No. 4


"The Great Game." Russia and Great Britain in Central and Eastern Asia (the latter half of the 19th century-early 20th century)

E. Sergeev

No. 1

Ideological Control and KGB's Fifth Directorate in 1967-1989

A. Smykalin

No. 1

page 179

History in the Russian Internet: Representation and Reliability

T. Teterevleva, O. Reut

No. 2

The Middle East Crisis in 1895-1897 and Plans to Partition the Ottoman Empire

Yu. Lunyova

No. 2

Emperor Alexander III and Musical Art in Russia

Yu. Kudrina

No. 3

Rehabilitation through Forgery

V. Kozlov

No. 4

Punitive Justice on the Labor Front in the USSR (1941-1945)

S. Papkov

No. 4


The Plot of Chekhov's Comedy The Cherry Orchard As a Model of History

N. Razumova

No. 1

Chekhov and the Polemic about the Art of His Times

M. Odesskaya

No. 1

From Text to Work: Vladimir Nabokov's Novel The Real Life of Sebastian Knight and Its Interpretations

K. Volkov

No. 2

The Hidden Leitmotif of Mikhail Bulgakov's Novel The Master and Margarita

V. Maslov

No. 2

Outlines of National Self-Consciousness. From Sobesednik to Sovremennik

S. Klimova

No. 3

A. Sinyavsky/A. Terts: "Being a Writer Means Being a Maverick"

A. Karpov

No. 4

The Cultural Archetype of "Russia" in the Tradition of Russian Historical Poetics As a National Scientific School

G. Danilina

No. 4

page 180

PHILOSOPHY Ancient Greek Atomism: Hypotheses of Its Origin and Types of Atomistic Theories M. Solopova No. 1 Epistemology through the Prism of Language: Dialogue, Understanding, Translation N. Avtonomova No. 2 Morality As the Limit of Rationality A. Guseynov No. 3 Multiplicity of Worldviews: A Territory of Conflicts? Ye. Krotkov No. 4 POLITICAL SCIENCE Universal and Corruption Norms of Interaction in Russian Politics V. Rimsky No. 1 Discussions on Missile Defense: Russia-USA-NATO O. Prikhodko No. 2 Russia in ...

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