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N. Antonenko, Ya. Galukhina, Ya. Pappe: "The main institutional changes in Russian Big Business during the 'long 2000s' are naturally reduced to two 'fundamental shifts' which began with approximately a five-year interval between them and which partially overlapped each other The first shift was about changing the main subject, with integrated business groups replaced by companies. The second shift was about changing property relations within companies, with the single ownership model replaced by the co-owners' alliance model. But both shifts were based on the same factors, including Russia's rapid economic growth and a very favorable situation on the world raw material and financial markets, which persisted throughout most of the 2000's. Add to this the policy conducted by the government which, while urging Big Business to toe the line and increase transparency, was active in supporting various forms of its expansion."

A. Kuznetsov: "...Increased scientific research efficiency in Russia has no direct effect on the frequency of Russian authors being quoted in the rest of the world. To achieve an increase in the quote rate, a well considered collective internationalization policy is needed. The current policy, however, forces Russian scientists to resort to individual internationalization strategies. An individual strategy means that a Russian scientist has to accept co-authorship with foreigners to facilitate publication of his article in leading English-language journals. ... The Collective Internationalization Strategy is about Russian scientists and organizations jointly following a policy to promote Russian achievements in the world scientific community, while facilitating international contacts."

M. Agapov: "Bragin's appeal was prompted by awareness of the deadly threat faced by the Jews in Central and Eastern Europe. 'The Jewish working masses of Germany and Poland are on the brink of annihilation,' Bragin wrote. 'Not are only half a million German Jews under threat. Next on the agenda is the introduction of a Ghetto in Austria. A wave of pogroms is advancing ...

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