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M. Deryabina: "The generally recognized lack of proper regulation and uncertainty of property rights and relations in the Russian economy that continue to this day have significant consequences for the organization of the real sector. In these conditions, transactions cannot ensure a proper exchange of ownership and thus cannot serve as a universal instrument of market exchange. Moreover, uncertainty of property rights not only makes it impossible to maintain efficient resource allocation in transactions (according to the Coase theorem), but also allows their entirely arbitrary reallocation."

A. Smykalin: "The use of numerous secret and top-secret instructions, secret letters, inaccessible to open use, etc. (some still not declassified to this day) has resulted in the USSR having, along with the official legislation governing the life of millions of Soviet people, a parallel set of legislation to which only a limited circle of persons had access. The situation could be described as legislation with a 'double bottom.'"

A. Khisamutdinov: "Japanese workers were turning up at Hawaiian sugar cane plantations in increasing numbers, something that made the US Government apprehensive that the fast growing Japanese population could play a negative role in a potential war with Japan. To counter this trend, the Americans decided to bring to Hawaii, where a US naval base had been deployed by that time, white emigrant labor, who would help to 'save' Hawaii from the Japanese."

S. Bocharov: "Inside the semantic faro of text-exactly! The action's lines of force and the philosophic system of the text reproduce the model of the fatal game, to which the final scene refers as follows: 'Young men ... preferring the seduction of faro to the enticements of gallantry.' We have another bifurcation here: the plot and the main character's story will develop along the lines of this preference. Faro's two and one are: I, the acting one, am face to face with the banker, ...

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