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V. Mau: "The debate on national priorities that has lasted since the very beginning of Russia's postcommunist history is drawing to a close. There is now something of a consensus that the sectors associated with human development (human capital, human potential) play a key role for the country."

T. Khlynina: "Launched in the North Caucasus in the early 1920s, the Bolshevik-style national state building was the mechanism whereby the peoples inhabiting the country were given the right to self-determination. This drive resulted in the emergence of autonomous entities—republics, regions, national districts and rural soviets—whose vague administrative and territorial status and hard-going socioeconomic development were considerations that called for a new solution to the nationalities issue in the region. This solution was found in 1925, when the North Caucasian Territory was founded."

Yu. Ivanov: "The key issue that concerns us here is how to assess the fact that the Polish Army was never active against Nazi Germany on the territory of the USSR and instead of engaging the enemy in accordance with the obligations under its agreements was redeployed to Iran?"

V. Nedzvetsky: "Vasily Rozanov gave this assessment of the image of Oblomov in the year of the 25th anniversary since Ivan Goncharov's death: 'One cannot speak about the Russian man without recalling Oblomov <...> the Russian 'essence' that is called the Russian soul and the Russian element <...> received under Goncharov's pen one of the greatest insights into itself, depictions, interpretations of itself and reflections on itself...'"

Yu. Mann: " more fact demonstrating Goncharov's place in contemporary culture. An encyclopedic book 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die which went through many editions in Britain, as its title suggests, contains only books you must read if your life is to be considered complete. They include Oblomov, one of the greatest novels in world literature."

L. Byzov: "...the 'new Russian' generation is characterized by ...

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