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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 1, 2013

Yu. Baturin. Modeling As a Support Tool of History of Science and Technology.

L. Boynovich. Superhydrophobic Coatings As a New Class of Polyfunctioning Materials.

A Vivid Example of the Practical Application of Basic Research. Paper Discussion.

T. Yershova, S. Shaposhnik. Use of the Information Technologies by the Population of Russia and the European Union.

I. Smulsky. Analysis of the Lessons of the Astronomical Theory of Paleocli-mate's Development.

V. Bolshakov. Reply to Comments by I. Smulsky.

D. Dubrovsky. Subjective Reality and the Brain: An Experience of Solving the Theoretical Problem.

A. Tarko. Sociodemographic Status and the Prospects of Russia's Development against the Background of European Countries and the World.

V. Tikhonov. "He Was Born an Academician." The 150th Birth Anniversary of A. Lappo-Danilevsky.

N. Ponomaryov-Stepnoy et al. Devotion to Science and Humanity. The 100th Birth Anniversary of Academician M. Millionshchikov

V. Kalinnikov et al. The Academy of Sciences of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) As the First Step to the Russian Academy of Sciences.

No. 2, 2013

Yu. Kulchin et al. Photonics of the Self-Organizing Nano structured Biomineral Objects of Oceanic Origin and Their Analogues.

page 156

D. Zharkov. DNA-Glycosilases: Basic Elements of Reparation System of DNA.

P. Tolochko. In Defense of Aleksandr Nevsky.

S. Shvartsev. Water As the Main Factor of the Global Evolution.

Yu. Oganesyan, V. Shchyogolev. "In My Youth They Called Me Stubborn, and Now-Persistent." The 100th Birth Anniversary of Academician G. Flyorov.

A. Sarkisov, V. Sychyov. Life Dedicated to Devoted Service. The 100th Birth Anniversary of Academician ...

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