Human Capital: Challenges for Russia

V. Mau

No. 1

Economic Way of Thinking and Legislation on Non-Profit Organizations

L. Yakobson

No. 2

Organization of the Real Economy According to Institutional Theory

M. Deryabina

No. 3

Main Trends in Russian Big Business in the 2000s

N. Antonenko, Ya. Galukhina, Ya. Pappe

No. 4

How to Improve Research Efficiency in Russia: Organizational Suggestions

A. Kuznetsov

No. 4


Addressing the Nationalities Issue in the North Caucasus

T. Khlynina

No. 1

General Anders Polish Army in the USSR (August 1941-August 1942)

Yu. Ivanov

No. 1

The "Prague Spring" As Seen from East Berlin

A. Boguslavsky

No. 2

The Paradoxes of "Dual" Legislation in the USSR

A. Smykalin

No. 3

Russian Settlers in Hawaii in the Early 1900s

A. Khisamutdinov

No. 3

page 167

Abram Bragin and Projects for Jewish National Settlement in the USSR

M. Agapov

No. 4


Ilya Oblomov As Portrayed in the Novel (Bicentenary of the birth of Ivan Goncharov)

V. Nedzvetsky

No. 1

Goncharov in the Context of Philosophical Thought

Yu. Mann

No. 1

The Sudden in the World of Predictability: Leo Tolstoy's "Suddenly"

O. Slivitskaya

No. 2

Inside the Semantic Faro of the Text

S. Bocharov

No. 3

The Shahid: A Profile

V. Shulzhenko

No. 4


Who Needs Philosophy Today and Why?

V. Mezhuyev

No. 2

Philosophical Marginalia

A. Guseynov

No. 3


The Conceptual Integration Theory of Fauconnier and Turner (An essay in systemic analysis)

V. Glebkin

No. 4


Formation of the Modern Russian Nation (Sociocultural and Sociopolitical Aspects)

L. Byzov

No. 1

The "Political Man" in a Changing World: Rethinking the Individual Dimension of Politics

I. Semenenko

No. 2

page 168

Formal and Informal Decentralization and Political Transformations A. Libman No. 2 Social Orders and the World Political Space (Historical Evolution of the World System) A. Voskresensky No. 3 The Russian Question in the Context of Ethnonational Relations in Russia S. Peregudov No. 4 POLITICAL SCIENCE/PHILOSOPHY Science As Socialism's Potential: Aleksandr Bogdanov Ye. Samarskaya No. 1 PSYCHOLOGY Psychology of Art at the State Academy of Art Sciences T. Martsinkovskaya No. 1 The Interaction of the Psychological and the Physiological in Human Speech T. Ushakova No. 2 Level of Happiness in People with Different Moral Orientations I. Nekhorosheva No. 3 Mikhail Bakhtin's Contribution to the Psychology of Consciousness V. Zinchenko No. 4 SOCIOLOGY Demographic Challenges: What Is in Store for Russia? L. Rybakovsky No. 1 "Involved Fatherhood" in Present-Day Russia: Childcare Strategies A. Avdeyeva No. 2 Security of ...

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