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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 8. 2012

Yu. Kudenko. Neutrino Oscillations: A Breakthrough to New Physics.

Physics of Elementary Particles and the Contribution of Russian Scientists to Its Development (Paper Discussion).

N. Ivanova. Research and Innovation in a Polycentric World.

Intellectual Property As the Country's Valuable Capital (Paper Discussion).

L. Zubova. The Human Potential of Russian Science.

A. Mazarovich. Real and Potential Geological Hazards on the World Ocean Floor, Slopes, and Shelf.

A. Karpov. Locus of Scientific Talent: the Program "Step into the Future."

G. Bulatkin. Analysis of Energy Flows in Agroecosystems.

Ye. Tavokin. Russian Education As It Is.

V. Shevchenko. The Founder and the First Director of the RAS Institute of Silicate Chemistry. The 125th Birth Anniversary of Academician I. Grebenshchikov.

P. Shcherbakov. The Creator of Wave Mechanics and One of the Most Brilliant Scientists of the 20th Century. The 125th Birth Anniversary of Erwin Schrodinger

No. 9. 2012

I. Zibareva, V. Parmon. Ranking of the Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences Using the Russian Science Citation Index. The Case of Chemical Research Institutes.

V. Osiko, Ye. Lomonova. Polyfunctional Materials Based on Nanostractured Partially Stabilized Zircon (Zirconium Dioxide) Crystals.

page 160

Medicine and Machine Building Are Promising Applications of Crystals with Unique Properties. (Paper Discussion).

A. Brovina. Documentary Heritage of Science in the European North of Russia.

Yu. Granin. Projects of the Forthcoming World Order: Between the "National" and the "Cosmopolitan."

V. Danilov-Danilyan. Coase's Theorem: An Attempt at a Diagnosis.

A. Bessmertnykh, V. Zaychenko. Development of Distributed Power Generation.

O. Mikhaylov. A New Citation Index ...

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