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L. Yakobson: "In the mid-1990s Russia opted for what was an extremely soft variant of legal restrictions on NPOs. The requirement that they do not have profit as their main goal and do not distribute it among the participants contained in the definition of a non-profit organization (Article 50 of the Civil Code of the RF) is not matched by provisions that would make NDC effective. The law allows the sole controlling stakeholder to run the organization at his discretion and to pay himself the net profit as remuneration. The vagueness of requirements resulted in widespread abuses when an attempt was made to introduce benefits for NPOs in the late 1990s, a fact that is used as an argument against resuming this practice."

A. Boguslavsky: "...The attempts to see Ulbricht's moves in black and white terms or to pass on him an unequivocally negative judgment cannot promote a clearer understanding of his position which without remaining static, was metamorphosing under the impact of external and internal political circumstances from the start of the Prague Spring until its suppression."

O. Slivitskaya: "The world of Tolstoy is rocked by unpredictable acts and events as much as any other. This by no means refutes the truth that the spirit of the universal law dominates this world. Tolstoy's all-embracing epic art reflects the laws of the universe whereby surprises are as deeply rooted in Being as steady states. 'Suddenly' is not juxtaposed to 'the way things usually are,' but is subsumed by it. The reader may hardly notice that something is 'sudden' having become imbued with the spirit of the epic flow of things."

V. Mezhuyev: "...philosophy becomes necessary when people, or some part of society, come to seek personal freedom... Under a despotic or tyrannical power... philosophy as such has been and remains the language not of power, but of the opposition."

I. Semenenko: ...

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