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Young Officers Adjusting to Military Service

Author: V.K. PYANZIN

Maj. Gen. V.K. PYANZIN, Chief of the Far East Military District Indoctrination Directorate with his experience of work with budding young officers.

Officers have always been the main actors in the military. The adjustment to conditions of military service is a difficult process for graduates from military educational institutions (departments of military science at civilian higher educational institutions) who take their first billets. Hinging on the results of this process is the effectiveness of all further job-related activities of the officers. Lieutenants go through the familiarization process quicker and tackle tasks assigned them more successfully if conditions of the first months and years of their service are favorable.

Military service in the Far East has some features that have a certain impact on the adjustment process. The district differs from the other military districts for both its geographical location and economic development. The territory of the Far East Federal Okrug accommodating the military district takes up 6.2 million square kilometers with a population of only 7.1 million. The federal okrug includes ten components of the Russian Federation with 64 cities and towns.

Most of the Far East Military District combined and ordinary units are stationed in remote military posts where young officers begin their carrier far away from big cities, industrial and cultural centers. Besides, they arrive to the locations of duty assignments after graduation from educational institutions most of which are in European Russia. The military district is far away from where the officers' parents live and it has always been a formidable problem for Far East officers and their families to travel to places of their leaves of absence and back, and it is even more a problem today.

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