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What is the Subject of Psychology? An Ascent along the Spiritual Vertical

Author: Vladimir ZINCHENKO

Vladimir ZINCHENKO is interviewed by the editorial staff of the journal Chelovek

Reading the current literature on psychology an outsider can make a strange conclusion that there are at least two psychologies today. One is a standard academic discipline with a serious experimental basis. For the non-specialist, such as we are, this psychology is boring, incomprehensible, and has little to do with what we used to consider as our own psychology. The other psychology consists of a general discourse and metaphors that are often indistinguishable from philosophical essays and cultural studies, and sometimes is downright journalistic. This discourse is suspiciously comprehensible for the relatively educated layman in whose eye there is only one thing in common between these two psychologies: very often the same people specialize in both of them. For example, you.

What is psychology for you? If it is both the first and the second, then the situation is even less understandable. Isn't it a bit strange to try and prove a metaphor experimentally? You would go even further than "proving with harmony higher mathematics", to quote Pushkin.

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