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A.A. CHERNOBAEV. Russian Historians. Who Is Who in Studying Fatherland History

Author: E. Vorobey

Bibliographic Dictionary. Second Edition, Corrected and Supplemented. Saratov, LETOPIS Publishing House, 2000, 608 pp.

А.А. ЧЕРНОБАЕВ. Историки России. Кто есть кто в изучении отечественной истории. Библиографический словарь. Изд-е 2-е, исправленное и дополненное. Саратов, изд-во ЛЕТОПИСЬ, 2000, 608 с.

This is a very timely book. Undoubtedly, it will be interesting both to specialists who wish to learn more about their colleagues and to students who need orientation looking for their own way in impetuous stream of the developing historian thought. And also to us-the common people- who are trying to understand what all these useless for the peoples' economy humanitarians, whose name is legion, are doing. Indeed the dictionary "enlarges our notion about the scale and the problem of exploring Russian history". (p. 4) True, the picture is becoming quite monotonous. At least 20 percent of the mentioned authors successfully worked on studying "the leading and directing role of the party" in all branches of vital activity of the country and thereby, as we see, they put the considerable contribution in studying the native fatherland.

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