Informational and Psychological Capabilities in State Defense


I.V. PUZENKIN, Candidate of Military Sciences


Abstract. The authors argue that it is vital to provide an information constituent within the makeup of military security in order to attain superior moral and psychological standards of military personnel. This paper examines the influence of information and psychological impact on the part of the United States and its allies with regard to certain Persian Gulf states, as well as countries in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Keywords: information and psychological impact, information, security, information warfare, mass communication media, informational impact.

In today's world, information is becoming a strategic national resource; the rapidly improving IT penetrating virtually every sphere of life have brought, apart from unquestionable advantages, a number of strategic problems. The biggest of those is the need to provide information security of the individual, society, the state, and its institutions. Analysis of developments in this area suggests that there have emerged new types of warfare, namely information-related, where defeat in terms of consequences is comparable to defeat in conventional wars, while information and information technologies are becoming an increasingly effective weapon.1

Information warfare is the employment of modern technologies that help create deliberately false information or falsify (distort) existing information. The term has two meanings.

First. Influencing civilians and servicemen of another state by means of spreading certain information. The term information and psychological warfare was borrowed from the US military vocabulary. It implies an information standoff, information and psychological warfare, which exerts psychological influence on civilians and servicemen of another state in order to achieve political and purely military goals.

Second. Purposeful activity undertaken to achieve information superiority by means of damaging the information-related processes and systems

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of the adversary while protecting one's own information, information processing, and systems.

Information warfare is nothing new to the human race. If guns did fall ...

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