Basic Trends in Counterterrorism

Author: V.V. ZELYONY

Col. V.V. ZELYONY, Candidate of Political Sciences

Abstract. The author offers his own interpretation of the concept of a trend in counterterrorism and, drawing on the findings of his research into the operation of counterterrorist forces, identifies and examines the main thrusts of counterterrorist policies.

Keywords: terrorism, counterterrorism, trend, conflict, delegitimiza-tion, centralization.

The National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation up to 2020 calls terrorism one of the global challenges of our day.1 The 9/11 terrorist attacks in the U.S. in 2001 introduced totally new approaches to the fight against terrorism. Terrorism, though, has been carried on in many more countries - its latest blows fell in Grozniy, Russia's Northern Caucasus, in December 2014, and in Paris in January 2015, a sign that counterterrorist policies have to be given a major refit. Here in Russia, the domestic counterterrorist policy needs an injection of foreign experience to be put on a sound scientific plateau.2 The refit can facilitate examination of counterterrorism as it is practiced on the ground and help basic counterterrorist trends to be identified. In turn, with the trends set, the efforts of international organizations and national authorities will be tuned up and geared to forestalling and fighting terrorism.

Modern science offers several definitions of the term trend. The author has fine-combed them and come up with his own definition of the counterterrorism trend which is the direction followed by counterterrorism toward its end goal.

An analysis of counterterrorist activities of international and regional organizations and government authorities in many countries brings out several basic trends in counterterrorism.

Elimination of differences and conflicts that breed terrorism. Social inequality generates differences that lead to conflicts where terrorism is used to achieve goals of any kind. Eliminating the causes of differences lying at the root of conflicts and ending the conflicts themselves is the principal and most promising trend in counterterrorism.

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Conflict ...

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