Strategic Deterrence against the U.S. Global ABM System and Prompt Global Strike Capabilities


Col. A.L. KHRYAPIN (Ret.), Doctor of Military Sciences



Abstract. The authors examine the basic principles underlying the design of a strategic deterrent to counter a potential adversary's aggression against the Russian Federation, considering the development of a global ABM defense system and prompt global strike capabilities in the U.S.

Keywords: military security, prompt global strike, strategic deterrence, strategic deterrence forces, antimissile defense, nuclear deterrence.

The military, political, and strategic environment in the world today is shaped under the impact of geostrategic changes and rise of a new system to maintain global and regional security. These developments will be attended by the world powers' determined efforts to push Russia out of the traditional areas of its interests and turn it into little more than a regional power of limited capabilities, existing in the shadow of a broader spectrum of threats to its military security.

Great concern is caused by the events in southeastern Ukraine where a civil war has broken out with instigation and support of the U.S. and the European Union, both intent on dragging Russia into the turmoil as a way to weaken it economically and militarily and turning its current policy around - little surprise, the U.S. and its allies have no stomach for a strong and independent Russia.

The unfolding situation gives a new urgency to the need for Russia to maintain strategic balance by upgrading its strategic deterrence against any potential adversary, including a coalition of adversaries, capable of committing aggression against the Russian Federation and its allies.

Strategic deterrence is a package of coordinated political, diplomatic, economic, ideological, informational, scientific, technological, military, and all other

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actions or measures taken by the country single-handed or in a coalition with other countries consecutively or simultaneously to stabilize the military, political, and strategic environment, to anticipate likely aggression, and, where ...

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