A Strategy for Training Engineers as a Key to Addressing Problems of Russia's Defense Capabilities and Eliminating the Science-and-Technology Lag


V.V. SELIVANOV, Doctor of Technical Sciences

Yu.D. ILYIN, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Abstract. In terms of program-targeted management, the authors look at issues of furthering the system of engineering education that relate to personnel problems, technological equipment of the country's Armed Forces and elimination of its lag in science and technology. They offer basic points and limitations for devising a strategy of training engineers. They also suggest a structural composition of the strategy and a flow chart of measures to support its development.

Keywords: military and civil economies, university science, methodology, modernization, defense capability, program-targeted monitoring, industry, system of engineering education, strategy, technologies.

The military conflicts of the past few decades in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc., escalated into a tough confrontation of states over altering the world setup. The trend toward globalizing world economy has sharply intensified. The world is witnessing profound changes in interaction and cooperation between developed and developing countries in many spheres of life, including education, science, and technology. In the context of rivalry related to developing the new technological mode, it is human capital that is coming to the fore.

In the case of Russia, the increasingly fierce struggle over energy and other natural resources has placed it in the dilemma of whether or not it will be an independent state once more looming large before it, similarly to the 1920s-1930s situation. At present, there are two interconnected problems in the country crying to be dealt with at once; one is revival of the high-tech economy sector, the other

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is ensuring national security. In the current military and political and economic situations it is vital to promptly take measures to improve Russia's defense capability and close the gap in science-and-technology standards by means of resorting to program-targeted monitoring. The United States and NATO, having named the Russian Federation their military enemy number one, are doing their ...

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